Renewal Summit 2022
May 13, 2022.  Join Dr. Melnick and a panel of top experts for a discussion of Menopause at the annual RENEWAL SUMMIT, which is an all day LIVE event at the beautiful Scandinavia House in Manhattan. Register here.


March 2022 - Women's Health Series at the Offices of Dr. Hugh Melnick
Featured speakers included Dr. Hugh Melnick, Holistic Nutritionist Kim Ross. and
Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Barbara Bartlik, discussing how to bring the hormones in
balance for a healthier more vibrant you.


November 2021 - Womens Health Series at the Offices of Dr. Hugh Melnick
The first of a series of Women's Health events held in the offices on Dr. Hugh Melnick.
Featured speakers included Dr. Melnick, Bone Fitness Expert Joan Pagano, and
Transformational Expert, Paula Jennings.


October 2021: Please enjoy Dr. Melnick's Fall 2021 Newsletter including Autumn Health Tips
and announcement of the launch of a series of Women's Health events in Dr. Melnick's offices,
beginning November 30,2021.  By invitation only with full Covid protocols enforced.


Please enjoy the Spring 2021 Newsletter
including new trends in the challenges of menopause,
tips for taking control of your health naturally, and the effects of Pandemic Stress on Fertility!


August 24, 2021: An interview with Dr Melnick on Aging and Menopause including bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, with Anne Akers, Health & Wellness Editor.
Click here to read the article in Three Tomatoes Lifestyle newlsetter.


May 13, 2021: Pandemic Weight Gain or Is It Something Else? Dr. Hugh Melnick discusses the connection between weight gain (or loss) and thyroid disease.

Click here to read the article in Three Tomatoes Lifestyle newseltter.


FEB 22, 2021:
 Please enjoy Dr. Melnick's interview with Beatty Cohan of ASK BEATTY on the Progressive Radio Network as they discuss all aspects of the "feminine experience".

Listen here.

                                                                   Beatty Cohan, Host


JAN 13, 2021:
Interview with Dr. Melnick and Anne Akers, Health & Wellness Editor on diagnosis and the best treatment for hypothyroidism.

Click here to read article in the Three Tomatoes Lifestyle newsletter with editions in NYC, LA and San Francisco.

                                                                   Dr. Hugh Melnick

Jan 12, 2021: 
Please enjoy Dr. Melnick's interview with Emmy Award winning broadcaster, Jane Hanson, as they discuss the feminine experience, including ovarian rejuvenation (and the Big O shot) and unique solutions to treat patients with thyroid and fertility problems.  The interview can be seen in its entirety on Instagrams CURIOUS JANE.  Join at "Jane Hanson professional".

View here.

                                                                     Jane Hanson, Host


NOV 11, 2020: Please enjoy Dr Melnick’s podcast with LA host Kim Duff Selby discussing the symptoms, proper diagnosis and treatment for hypothyroidism, a common condition affecting as many as 50% of the female population between the childbirth and menopausal years. Can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

Listen here.

                                                                       Kim Selby, Host

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